BMCR reviews of linguistic publications – September 2009


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New Rule: You Cannot Be a Classicist If Capital Letters Annoy You…


A woman in New Zealand lost her job for excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS in her “confrontational” email correspondence (giving a whole new meaning to the notion of ‘capital crime’!).

Paul Luna, Professor of Typography at the University of Reading, has made a comment on this, referring back to the use of capital letters in Roman inscriptions (of course minuscles weren’t used at all at that time…) which has hit the press recently: (link will open new window!).

London workshop on Teaching Ancient Languages


From the Classicists-list:

CSC is proud to announce the fifth annual London workshop on Teaching Ancient Languages 10.45-16.30 on 23 September 2009, South Block, Ground Floor G22/26, Senate House, Malet Street, LONDON

This no-charge event (including lunch) will focus on beginning to teach languages and teaching beginners’ languages. It has a range of speakers on topics from electronic resources to classroom management. This year the workshop features a student perspective on learning beginners ancient languages and an interactive session on teaching with text books.

Further information, including a full programme and booking and bursary instructions please see