New Publication: The Language of the Papyri

The Language of the Papyri
Edited by T. V. Evans and D. D. Obbink
384 pages | 20 halftones | 216x138mm


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Conference – Texts of the Medical Profession


Call for papers

Workshop: The texts of the medical profession in antiquity – genres and purposes to be held at the University of Oslo, 16th-18th September 2010
Organisers: Isabella Andorlini (University of Parma); David Leith (University College London) and Anastasia Maravela-Solbakk (University of Oslo)
Confirmed speakers: Heinrich Von Staden (Princeton), Vivian Nutton (UCL), Philip van der Eijk (Newcastle), Laurence Totelin (Cardiff), Rebecca
Flemming (Cambridge), Ann Ellis Hanson (Yale).
We are inviting the submission of abstracts for papers (duration: 20-30 min.) to be presented at the workshop “The texts of the medical
profession in antiquity: genres and purposes” (16-18 September 2010 in Oslo). David Leith

Catullus rocks your socks – watch your language!


A brilliant exercise in text and context (link will open in new window):

BMCR reviews of linguistic publications – December 2009


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BMCR reviews of linguistic publications – November 2009


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  • Shirley A. Barlow, The Imagery of Euripides: A Study in the Dramatic Use of Pictorial Language (third edition). London: 2008:
  • Orietta Dora Cordovana, Segni e immagini del potere tra antico e tardoantico: i Severi e la provincia Africa proconsularis (Seconda edizione rivista ed aggiornata). Testi e studi di storia antica. Catania: 2007:
  • Hugo Beikircher, Silvia Clavadetscher, Cornelis G. van Leijenhorst, Claudia Wick, Thesaurus linguae latinae: Editus iussu et auctoritate consilii ab academiis societatibusque diversarum nationum electi. Vol. X, 2 Fasc. XVI, pubertas – pulso. Berlin/New York: 2008:
  • Michiel Arnoud Cor de Vaan, Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the Other Italic Languages (vol. 7 in the series “Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary”). Leiden/Boston: 2008:
  • Alexis Pinchard, Les langues de sagesse dans la Grèce et l’Inde anciennes. Hautes Études du monde gréco-romain 43. Genève: 2009:
  • Bruno Gentili, Liana Lomiento, Metrics and Rhythmics: History of Poetic Forms in Ancient Greece (English translation by E. Christian Kopff of 2003 edition). Studi di metrica classica 12. Pisa/Roma: 2008:

Practical Epigraphy Workshop


From the Classicists list:


Practical Epigraphy Workshop

22-24 June 2010, Great North Museum, Newcastle

A Practical Epigraphy Workshop is taking place for those who are interested
in developing hands-on skills in working with epigraphic material.  The
workshop is aimed at graduate students, but other interested parties are
welcome to apply, whether or not they have previous experience.  With expert
tuition, participants will learn the practical aspects of how to record and
study inscriptions. The programme will include the making of squeezes;
photographing and measuring inscribed stones; and the production of
transcriptions, translations and commentaries. Participants may choose to
work on Latin or Greek texts.

The course fee is £100 but we hope to be able to provide bursaries to
participants to assist with the cost. Accommodation will be extra, but we
are arranging B&B nearby for around £30-40.

Places on the workshop are limited and applications will be accepted until
31st March.  For further details please contact Dr. Charlotte Tupman:

The Practical Epigraphy Workshop is sponsored by The British Epigraphy
Society, an independent ‘chapter’ of the Association Internationale
d’Epigraphie Grecque et Latine:

New weblog!


From the classicists list:


The Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents (CSAD) at Oxford University
has started a new blog to update students, scholars and the general public
on the centre’s research projects.

Best wishes,
Caillan Davenport
CSAD Newsletter/Web site Assistant